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Happy Customers


Mrs. B from Cobham in Surrey wrote:


"I'm not sure there is a harder household job to do than clean the oven – you guys are a necessity not a luxury."


Take a look at our testimonials page for more comments from delighted customers who have benefited from an Oven Brothers treatment and felt they had to let us know.

Quality Assurance


Repeat business is critical to the success of our business and therefore we see delivering 100% customer satisfaction as a vital part of our service - any less is not good enough.


Oven Brothers is an established business based in Surbiton and covers Surrey and Middlsex


Oven Brothers appreciation of the importance of customer satisfaction was originally developed in a large corporate environment where they were responsible for ensuring that clients received consistently high levels of service.


The owner of Oven Brothers now applies his proven customer service skills and strong work ethic to the domestic oven valet business ensuring that the

company continues to have many repeat and satisfied customers (see Testimonials page).


Oven Brothers uses a tried and tested process of systematic cleaning involving specialised hand tools and deep-soak boiling tanks. Meticulous care is taken to ensure the oven is restored to excellent hygienic standards and dazzling show-room sparkle. A single oven typically takes up to 1 to 2 hours to complete. The results are truly exceptional and once customers have had their oven valeted they never go back to trying to clean it themselves.


~ Oven doors removed to access difficult areas


~ Racks, sliding runners, and back removed and dipped into separate boiling tanks    


~ Doors split to clean between glass panels if necessary


~ Oven roof, wall and sides thoroughly degreased and scrubbed


~ Burnt on carbon removed using specialist hand tools


~ Inside and out polished and shone


~ This is an eco aware and food friendly process


~ No caustic or corrosive chemicals are used during this cleaning process


The cooking equipment is immediately safe to use after cleaning