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Quality Assurance

Repeat business is critical to the success of our business and therefore we see delivering 100% customer satisfaction as a vital part of our service - any less is not good enough.

Testimonials - Satisfying Customers Since 2005

I used to clean my oven myself but would spend so many hours on it and was never really satisfied with the end result. I'm delighted I discovered Oven Brothers. I shall never have to bother with that soul destroying task again."

Mrs. B – Epsom. Surrey.

"I got desperate so tried all these strong oven-cleaning products you get in the supermarket but none of them really worked. I’m so glad I heard about you it’s a big weight off my shoulders."

Mrs. I – Oxshott. Surrey.

"I let all my tenants know upfront that you guys clean my ovens and I expect them to be left in the same condition as they received them – it makes it easier on everyone."

Mr. K (Landlord) - Surbiton. Surrey.

"I never used to bother with my oven until a friend told me about you. She said you made them look new again but I didn’t really believe her. Now I know what she was on about - that’s simply stunning."

Mrs. R – Hampton. Middlesex.

"I told myself that my oven was over 5 years old and it would never have that shiny new look again until my mother had her oven done and said I should try you. It really is like new – I don’t know how you did it."

Mrs. J – Ewell Village. Surrey.

"And what have you done with our old oven?"

Mr. P - Claygate. Surrey.

"Well I never really looked too hard inside my oven before but now that I’ve seen how dirty they really are and what collects on them its no wonder we need experts like you to help us."

Mrs. V – Weybridge. Surrey.

"I called you in because I’m getting to old to get down and scrub away at my oven myself. Had I known that it would look like that I would’ve called you up when I was young too."

Mrs. K – Worcester Park. Surrey.

"I thought I would either have to get a new oven or just put up with setting the smoke alarm off in my house every time I used my cooker. Your service saved me a lot."

Mrs. A – Thames Ditton. Surrey.

"Well I always thought having someone else clean your oven was a bit of a luxury until I saw what you did to my friends’ oven. It was dazzling - I couldn’t ring you up fast enough to get my one done!"

Mrs. P – East Sheen. London.

"My wife does all the cooking in our house so I get to clean the oven – but she’s just not going to believe that I got it to look like that. She’ll think I went out and bought a new one."

Mr. D - Kingston Upon Thames. Surrey.

"My husband wasn’t too happy when I said I was getting you to come round and clean our oven but when he saw the result he was very impressed. He thought I had gone out and bought a new one."

Mrs. O – Long Ditton. Surrey.

"Goodness! I’m not sure I want to use that anymore. I’ll just keep it like it is and order take-away from now on."

Mrs. R. – East Molesey. Surrey

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