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 Oven Cleaning Training


Be independent to a franchise

We offer the best specialist training with in which you will find out the true nitty gritty aspects of running your own oven cleaning business and the positives and uplifting sides which far outway the negaitves, this is hard work and that is why you need the best training provided to esnure your operate smoothly, use the right and the best products your money can buy to take care of yourself and your customers and their ovens, cookers hoods and hobs and that makes the work easier.


With our years in the cleaning industry we have developed our oven cleaning techniques into a fine art, reducing the time it takes to give a professional clean.


Many people are using dangerous caustic chemicals and silly methods of cleaning causing danger to thier own health, their customers health and damage to enamel in the ovens, trays and racks

we want to help you help this industry with our oven cleaning training courses.


Oven cleaning business start up is one of our specialties, and we offer oven cleaning training packages perfect for the complete oven cleaning novice. We will show you absolutely everything you will need to know to successfully take apart and professionally clean ovens in a profitable, safe and economical way.


We go through the bio oven cleaning cleaning process from start to finish.

You learn how to inspect an oven before any cleaning work begins  

You would learn how to set up the equipment.

How to protect the work area so as to not leave any mess in the customer’s home.

How to remove all cleanable parts.

Remove doors, remove back plate. Take off the fan, clean and replace.

So if you decide you want what we have to offer, we will pass onto you all the experience, knowledge, skills and generally a full 360 degree insight, looking into what is needed to be a success.

On day one you will purely shadow and there wont be much hands on work required, just plenty of listening and some basic practical work that will give you grounding for the rest of the 10 days training.

Next you will be taking doors off, taking them apart,

Then scraping, scrubbing and getting really stuck in,

We will show you about all types of ovens, dismantling them putting them back together.

The time will be taken to show you and allow you to really get the hang of the process.

If by day 10, we have our own concerns about your skill level, we will invite you back for additional training days FREE OF CHARGE because our sole responsibility is to have you ready to go and take the oven cleaning world by storm.


Training packages  

Full Start  £4500

Starter pack of equipment and products which includes, degreasing tank scrapers, blades, scourers, cloths.


We also offer

5 Day training £1000

3 Day training £700          TRAINING ONLY

1 Day training £300        

No equipment included after training